3 Proven Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated And Determined

At several points in our lives we all had been discouraged or felt like quitting at one thing or another.

In most cases, we eventually reflect and regret doing so.

Regardless of whether it is reducing your weight, earning income, or attempting to improve at a sport or activity, these tried and true motivation strategies will get you back on your feet in no time!

1. Why Are You Doing This?

To get motivated again to do something, you first of all really need to try to remember why you are doing it in the first place.

For example, in order to get motivated to go to your local gym you might tell yourself the reason you want to visit the gym would be to shed pounds.

Yes, but you want to think beyond that.

Why do you want to drop some weight?

Several possible answers might possibly be to improve my health to keep up with my children, so I can live a lengthier and healthy life or maybe so I can fit into my tight jeans again.

Those are all reasons behind why you are doing what you are doing.

Remembering this will help you continue being motivated.

2. Be Held Accountable

No one likes to appear as if a failure while in front of other people.

That is why you ought to tell everybody you know about your objectives and plans.

Post it on your Twitter and Facebook, speak to your friends and family about it, do whatever you need to do to spread the word that you will be going to accomplish your goal.

Should you achieve your goal, you are able to proudly notify everybody you did.

In the event you did not, you risk making yourself appear to be a very lazy failure.

This will keep you motivated, knowing that other people are following your progress, and that you do not want to fail them.

3. Find A Reward

Despite the fact that reaching your goal will have its own incentive alone, locate some physical incentive to give yourself only if you achieve your goals.

Whether it may be a brand new set of clothes, going to a restaurant to eat, or a day at the spa, whatever it is, write it down and post it in places you will see it every single day.

Be sure it is something you have been wanting really badly.

This will keep you motivated realizing that all you have to do is achieve your goal and you will get this reward!

By following these guidelines, you are going to be back on track and ready to accomplish your goals!

Be sure to split up your goal into mini-goals so you know you are making progress after each of those mini-goals are completed.

The most crucial thing is always to simply get going!

You are not going to achieve your goals if you spend all of your time looking at articles on the internet about getting started!

Just get started!

Drop everything, plan your goals and take your first step on the way to achieving them!

It is that simple!

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