8 Tips To Soar With Success

Everyone craves success.

And generally financial success.

But success in other areas of life is important too.

And in this article, I will provide you some tips on how to be successful in life, in general.

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1. Find Your WHY

The first thing to do if you want success in anything…

Is to have a reason why.

Why would you want to be successful at something?

Is it to impress someone or your friends?

Or to feel more life fulfillment?

It can be satisfying to be successful at something. 

But without any real reason why you’re wanting the success. 

A lot of things can happen.

Your dreams can crumble down as you hit some minor roadblocks…

Just because you weren’t founded on your reasons.

Or maybe when you get tired, you will not take action. 

Or when you are distracted, you will procrastinate.

It’s your BIG REASON that will push you throughout your journey.

No matter how hard, no matter how painful.

This is your foundation.

If you know you’re founded on solid reasons, your dreams won’t go crumbling down easily.

And if you do not have a foundation, even the slightest earthquakes can bring you down.

2. Stick To Your WHY

Once you found your WHY, stick to that.

I’ve mentioned before that your WHY will put you through any challenge.

Only if you stick to it.

You see, some people take action because they are motivated.

While some people take action because they have a reason to.

Everyone feels unmotivated every now and then.

There are days when you do not feel like getting up at all.

But you have to.

And if you will count on your motivation to fuel you on those days, you will be dragging yourself to do what you do not feel like doing.

So it is a lot better to ground yourself on your WHY. So at times like these…

You will be more energized to take action and show up.

3. Find A Blueprint And Mentor

Now you have your reasons.

You need a roadmap to get where you want to go.

If it is weight loss, you need a diet plan or a workout plan.

If it is money, you need to work on a wealth blueprint.

You also need someone to guide you through the roadmap or the blueprint.

You need someone who’s been there before.

Not just someone teaching for money.

You need someone with experience.

Someone who really went through what you’re going through.

If you do not have local or personal access to these people, you can always buy their books, listen to their podcasts, audio books etc.

The point is to have someone to look up to, who has been where you were before.

And is massively successful.

Or at least, the level of success you want to have.

4. Systematize Everything

Now that you have a mentor, a blueprint, and a reason to go forward, you need to systematize everything.

In reality, this is not the only area of your life you need to focus on.

For example, you want to get rich.

But you also have to focus on your family, on your friends, and other commitments.

So you need to systematize everything to have a balanced and rich life.

Ideally, you should work in these areas:

  • Health And Fitness
  • Finances And Wealth
  • Friends And Family
  • Fun, Recreation And Entertainment
  • Love Life
  • Personal Or Spiritual Development
  • Career Or Business
  • Physical Environment

A balanced life of those 8 elements will be fulfilling for sure. 

But take it easy on yourself. I know it can be difficult to juggle everything at once.

5. Focus And Find Your Flow

Now that you have a system, it is time to get to work.

And while working, focus is a must.

You must find your flow.

Flow is when you are so engrossed in the moment.

How do you know when you found your flow?

You will feel energetic, time passes by so fast, and you are getting a lot done.

When at this stage, do not stop working.

This is when you will be really productive.

How do you find your focus?

You can start by working focused for 5 minutes without any distractions.

Then take it easy for another 5 minutes, and then have a focused session again, maybe try 7-10 minutes this time.

If you are used to entertaining distractions, this can be difficult.

But if you want success, you should focus on what you really need to do.

Avoid procrastination, it robs you of your success.

6. Reduce Negativity

Now, it is time to reduce the negativity.

Note how I used the word reduce instead of remove?

In reality, you cannot be 100% positive and good.

Negativity will be with you. 

That is a fact as long as you are on the planet.

But that is no reason for you to put it with all the negativity.

Reduce it as much as you can.

Love negative people in your life from afar, don’t let them influence you.

Avoid negative news, events etc.

7. Stick to One Thing At A Time

As you go through your journey, stick to one thing at a time.

Your focus should not be scattered in every facet of your life.

I know there are 8 areas of your life.

And you need to work on all these.

But prioritize one at a time.

Take it easy on yourself.

Because doing everything at once is a sure way to stress yourself out!

Also, you will produce better results if you do one thing at a time.

8. Do Not Give Up Too Soon

The last tip I have to give is this. 

Do not give up too soon.

There will be times it will seem pointless. 

But as long as you are grounded on your WHY, as discussed above, you will have the strength to go on.

Reality will kick in after the motivation goes down.

It will be hard and challenging.

You will find yourself asking if it is worth it to continue. 

Or to quit.

But oftentimes, it is during these times that you’re about to hit your breakthrough.

So do not quit and give up too soon.

Once you have these 8 tips nailed down, I am pretty confident you will be soaring with success in anything you set your mind to.

So go out there and show the world what you can do.

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