3 Keys to Avoid Procrastination

To be a successful business owner, you have to get things done.

However, there are times when it seems that no matter how hard you try, you just cannot get started on that project.

Have you ever found yourself staying busy just to avoid doing work?

You know the signs: endless checking of your email and social media accounts, texting, running errands, and even creating to-do lists that consist of non-work items.

These are common signs that you are avoiding doing the actual work that needs to be done.

Here are 3 keys to help you end your procrastination syndrome.

1. Identify Why You Are Procrastinating

This is often the solution to avoiding procrastination in the first place.

One reason could be that you are a perfectionist and that you will not start the project or work because you fear failure.

Another reason might be that you’re afraid of the time commitment.

After all, you are a perfectionist and it takes time to perfect all the elements of your project.

So you choose to delay or avoid doing the work because of the time commitment.

If you have self-identified as a perfectionist, you may want to seek the advice given in the next tip.

2. You Do Not Have The Skills Needed To Do The Work Or Project

This is a common reason, but also one of the easiest to correct.

If you absolutely know that you do not possess the skills (or inclination) to do the work, simply outsource it.

If you are concerned about the money, it will cost to outsource it, consider how much money it is costing you to not get the job done.

3. Commit To Get It Done

If you have determined that you will actually do the work yourself, make a commitment to get it done.

Avoid distractions by putting yourself in an environment where you will succeed at getting the work done.

This may require you to physically relocate yourself and your office to a quiet place.

4. Think In Solitude

Perhaps nature or a park will work for you.

Checking into a hotel for 1 or 2 days of uninterrupted time is another option.

Whatever you choose, make sure you are not allowing the temptation of leisure activity or busy work to interfere.

You are in charge of controlling your environment so that you can do the work.

Understanding why you are procrastinating will give you the freedom you need to move forward with either outsourcing the work.

Or choosing to commit to concentrated effort that will produce the finished product.

Success will come when you make the decision.

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