Great Public Speaking - 8 Tips To Give A Good Presentation

Every day, there are thousands of presentations given.

Some are excellent but most of them are worth nothing.

You have most likely experienced some yourself.

Boring slides filled with numbers and charts and all kinds of other stuff you do not want to hear about.

Hours and hours of listening to a speaker whose voice never changes a single pitch, who is sitting all the time and who pretends like you are not there.

And then comes a time where you have to give your very own presentation, where you want to communicate what you know to a large group of people.

So, convinced that you would never make the same mistakes others make, you start creating your presentation, preparing your speech.

But when the day finally arrives and you overconfidently give your presentation, you only see similar reactions as your own when listening to a speaker.

Everybody is bored, everybody is sleeping and nobody remembers the slightest bit of what you have said.

Where did you go wrong?

This article will provide you with some basic rules you can immediately apply in order to give smashing presentations.

Follow these rules and you will be giving wonderful presentations in no time.

Basic Techniques Of Great Public Speaking

Prepare your presentation on 3 levels: text, audience and equipment.

Preparation is important for any public speaker.
You need to know what you are talking about, who you are talking to and what you are using to talk.

Without proper preparation, you will not be able to deliver your message very well.

1. Practice Your Presentation

You can even do this with friends.

It is important to practice what you are going to talk about.

Practicing has a lot of advantages.

It can help you find any mistakes in your text, it can help you understand if what you are saying makes sense.

Practice will prepare you for a great presentation.

2. Create A Proper And Good Ending

Everybody is always talking about having a good opening speech.

I will tell you one thing.

An opening speech is never as important as a decent closure.

You see, the closing speech summarizes everything you talked about.

It is the last thing you can do to convince your audience.

Therefore, spend enough time finding a decent ending.

3. Avoid Too Much Text

In your visual presentation, that is.

If you are working with visuals, keep in mind that they are called visuals for a reason.

Do not put text there.

People read a lot faster than you can speak, which renders you completely useless.

4. Use Your Visual Equipment To Show Imagery

Use images where you can but keep it simple.

Images are nice, they help people to understand what you are talking about.

The use of images is important for any public speaker.

However, be careful with the use of imagery.

It is important to keep it relevant and simple.

Do not over-complicate things, do not flood your audience with images.

5. Be Consistent

I am talking about layout.

Again, when using a visual presentation aid, it is important to keep a similar layout.

Your visual presentation aid is, in the first place, an aid.

It is helping your audience to focus, to see the big lines.

Use the same style for headings, images, body text and slide transitions.

Remember, think first of the audience and how they will perceive your presentation.

6. Make A Good First Impression

When you get out there, on the stage, you got one shot at making a good impression.

I can tell you, from personal experience, it is difficult to get the audience on your side when you make a bad first impression.

A good impression starts long before you open your mouth.

The moment the first person takes his or her seat, the impression-time has begun.

Every small detail of your stage will be calculated in the first impression.

Do not overdo but do not underdo as well.

Find the correct balance and make sure the audience likes you straight away.

Do not forget, you want them to see you as trust.

7. Do Not Read From A Script

Wait, let me correct that.

Never read from a script.

You are presenting, you are telling a story, you are convincing your audience of an idea.

How can you do this when you are literally reading what is on your script?

It is disrespectful and your audience will lose interest in you.

8. Be Dynamic With Your Body

Use body language.

You basically have 2 major things onboard to give a great presentation: your voice and your body.

The way you combine these 2 will determine the way the audience perceives you.

Have an open body language and involve people.


Remember the above tips when giving a presentation.

Preparation, practice, a smashing ending, taking care of your visual aid, consistency, making a good first impression and using your body.

I guarantee you that you will be giving much better presentations with this.

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