How The Procrastination Monster Will Kill Your Dreams And Derail Your Business

I know what you are thinking:

What in the world is the Procrastination Monster and why haven’t I heard of it before?

Well you know this monster all too well.

You just do not know it as a monster.

However, the effect a PM has on your life and business is immediately noticeable.

This monster takes no prisoners and does not care about time other than how to waste it by the boatloads.

It attacks anyone, anywhere at any time.

It will use whatever reason or excuse it can to keep you idle and inactive on what’s important to you.

Even better or worse as the case really is )it will get you going in another direction and disguise itself as an action.

Sure enough you are taking action.

But it is not just the action you want or need to be taking at that time.

See the Procrastination Monster seems to know when something comes in your life that you want or truly need to do.

It seems to be able to do whatever it can to halt you in your tracks.

It will empower you to stay off task and unproductive.

It lulls you into a false sense of accomplishment.

It can even make you feel great about what you did not do but needed to do.

Then after it is done with you it will leave you there sad as ever.

Feeling lonely.

Feeling unfulfilled.

Underneath these feeling comes a whole of other trouble the Procrastination Monster has in store for you.

For all that the Procrastination Monster seems to do for you, you now have nothing to show for the time spend dealing with it.

So now that you remember what and who this monster is let us see how this effects your business and your dreams.

First off if you are just trying to start a business whether online or offline you know or will know how much more this monster can derail your dreams for the future.

If you are new to business, it can stop you just from getting started.

You might spend all month just sitting there coming up with the name.

Maybe it has you over-analyzing the business model you want to work in.

Let us say you want to do some article marketing to promote your business and you just cannot seem to get started.

Or even start the process to have someone on your team get started.

You so need to add the autoresponder to your website and yet all you can do is sit there thinking about the color.


You got mail and off to the in box you go, knowing that that is not going to get you where you want to be.

You got prospects you need to connect, as you waste the day away looking at there are names and numbers or emails.

Better still how about dreaming of how you will spend the money you are not earning right now because you are dreaming instead of taking action.

Now keep in mind the scenarios you just read are not just for newbies nor to online folk.

People who have had a business for a while or have it offline can still fall victim to the Procrastination Monster if you are not aware.

You know you owe it to yourself to prevent it from derailing your dreams and the future of your family.

So in the end the only way to kill the procrastination monster is with clear focused attention.

So then what steps can you take to kill this monster and get on with making you dreams reality.

Lifestyle Developmental Values Plan

1. Research Your Ideal Lifestyle

What you need to do first is to take some time to truly search in your mind and heart for what you envision for you future dream life.

Then you want to develop your values from this dream list. So what are your values.

Write them down.

Some things that you may desire could be more time with your family and friends or maybe more money,

What About Greater Health?

When we look at these questions, there is one common theme among them and that is more freedom in any and all areas of our lives.

When we establish our values, it is much easier to prevent the procrastination monster from entering in your life, because we have based our values on our ideal lifestyle.

In the end, the Procrastination Monster is powerless against a focused mind.

However, continue on to increase your defence.

2. Look To Past Successes And Drill Down Into Your Lifestyle

Remember the Procrastination Monster is going to be looking for any reason and giving you any excuse to stop you in any attempt block your accomplishments that you have developed in your ideal lifestyle.

So what you want to do is to look into your past and recall any and all examples of when you defeated the PM.

Now do not dismiss any that you may think are too small to count.

Any success is still success.

Now as you recall your examples, pay attention to any steps involved.

Next you want to drill down deeper into the ideal lifestyle you desire.

You want your ideal lifestyle to be as specific as possible.

Do not be vague, because your mind will reject it and not focus.

Plus the Procrastination Monster is all too willing to help you fail.

You want to make it measurable.

You need to have highs and lows.

Because if you do not, the Procrastination Monster certainly will.

You need to make it action oriented.

It cannot just be in your head.

You must be able to take physical action on it.

You must make it realistic.

Now there is nothing wrong with using your imagination, you just do not want to get lost in a fantasy world.

Let alone allowing the Procrastination Monster to hear about it.

Lastly, it needs to be time oriented.

You need to provide deadlines.

3. Order Your Ideal Lifestyle

At this stage you will want to order your goals for accomplishment.

Think of which goal you have which will have the biggest impact in your life.

Now let us place them in order of impact.

What you are looking for is the fastest way to change your life with the greatest impact.

Do not spend all day with this.

Because this exercise can delay you immensely.

Keep moving forward towards your goals.

4. Envision Your Ideal Lifestyle Without The Procrastination Monster

Sit down and envision your life as you want it.

Notice all the accomplishments you have without the Procrastination Monster in your life.

Feel how great it is to be in this state.

What does it smell like?

Do you hear anything?

What do you hear?

Taste anything?

What is it?

Who and what do you see?

What are you doing.

Practice this everyday and see how you will move closer to this dream becoming a reality.

In some cases you can use affirmations to help you instil it in your brain.

Next you will want to act as if the Procrastination Monster is already gone and out of your life.

5. Apply The Small Step Progression

Now that you have your goals written down and envisioned your future, you will want to break down your goals into tasks.

The reason why we do this is because we can get overwhelmed by the perceived size of our undertaken.

However, if we can work with tasks, we are able to see the success of one step build onto another and another.

This will create a snowball effect of success for your life.

Do not sit too long at any stage, the Procrastination Monster is waiting in the shadows.

Get in.

Get it done.

Get out.

Move it on.

6. Kill The Ants In Your Head

We all have this section in our brain and it runs on automatic all the time.

In this section of our brain the Procrastination Monster hangs out with all the other automatic negative thoughts.

So keep aware of this fact and start to take action.

When any Ants come up in your mind as they do all the time, simply ask yourself if they empower you towards your ideal lifestyle.

In most cases they will not however asking the question allows you to acknowledge it.

A lot of times just simply doing this will shut down and kill the Ants better than Raid.

Also it does not leave all the baggage behind that is usually there when we try to ignore them.

Once you have acknowledged the ants, you will want to replace them with your affirmations or even your envisions of your ideal lifestyle.

7. Establish Wholistic Health In Your Life

Once you have the Procrastination Monster on its way out of your life, you need to keep yourself in shape in case you need to battle it again.

You must start to find ways to improve you health.

Get anywhere form 6 – 8 hours of sleep a day.

Start drinking more water everyday.

Find a farmer’s market and get some fresh produce and grain and health portions of it.

Cook less in your microwave and more in your pots and pans from scratch.

Cut out the fat foods and get more energy-based ones into your diet.

You will find that this help you out in so many ways to kill the PM.

Your mood will stay positive for the most part.

Crises will not stress you out as much

Invite and involve other people if they are willing to join you and establish this together.

Look at it as a mastermind group to help you whenever the Procrastination Monster tries to re-enter your life.

As time goes on you will find that you will enjoy it even if it not yet at the ideal level you have envisioned it to be at.

Do not give up on yourself.

Get that business up and running.

Do everything you can and keep it moving.

Remember the more you take all of this to heart, the more easily you will prevent the Procrastination Monster from killing your dreams and derailing your business.

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