Self-Improvement - A Path From Black And White To Glorious Colour

There are many people we meet who seem much more self-assured than ourselves.

They have an opinion on everything; a ‘yes and no’ answer for every topic, a ‘right and wrong’ summation of things.

If you find yourself unsure about most things and unable to see in black and white as they do, should you feel inferior and look to them for guidance?

I think not.

People who insist on seeing things in black and white terms may seem attractive to some who are not able to.

Outward signs are that such people are confident, self=assured and in control of large parts of their life.

But, if we were to scratch the surface of such people, we often discover that their confidence is born of ignorance.

Their self-assuredness is because they shut out the world around them; their control is nothing more than lacking courage to explore life outside their comfort zone.

Living in a black and white, yes or no, right or wrong world is a poor way to live your life.

Such people view the world rather like viewing a Victorian shadow puppet theatre.

In such puppet theatre, the figures are two-dimensional paper cut-outs that are backlit.

The figures have no detail apart from their outline; their forms are completely black whilst the background is completely white.

But the background is small, and when the puppet figures step outside, into the umbrae, they disappear from view.

This type of theatre demands that the performance can easily be followed and understood, so that even children can follow the storyline.

There is usually a chaste maid with feminine bosom, waist and bows; and there is always the villain with the hooked nose at counterpoint to his hooked chin.

Without detail the story must be kept simple. You always see the maiden as being virtuous; without the detail, you cannot make out that she has an ambitious and sly smile.

Or that the villain sheds tears.

A journey of self-improvement is about learning to see the world about you, not in terms of black and white, but in full colour.

Your journey should open your eyes to the infinite shades, hues and intensities of colour that make up the world in which we live: you will take the shadow puppet theatre world and transform it into the digital cinema technology we have today.

Seeing life in glorious colour will bring you greater understanding.

You may not have all the answers that those who see things in black and white seem to have but you will have a greater understanding of life.

Unlike them, you will be able to appreciate the subtleties and richness of those about you.

Unlike them, you will be able to truly sympathise and empathise with those you meet.

Unlike them, you won’t be afraid of the characters that disappear off-stage.

Because you see in colour, off-stage is not an unknown, black, frightening place.

But rather a world that perhaps does not form you world.

And which is still not too different from yours, of equal value, a world that you can gain experience and insight; a world that does not fill you with fear.

By opening your eyes and seeing in colour you will enrich your life and those around you.

Do not expect to get all the answers to your questions but expect to gain a deeper understanding of life.

Black and white people may take one look at you and pigeon-hole in some compartment they have set aside.

Seeing in colour will make you understand why they do this and even to empathize with their ignorance and fear.

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