Simple 5 Step Process to Stop Procrastinating

If you are like me, you keep telling yourself you need to stop procrastinating.

For years I told myself this but made almost no progress.

I was simply too stuck.

If you are that stuck, this 5-step process will help you overcome procrastination starting now, and it will not be as hard as you expect.

1. Relax

The stress you are creating around your procrastination is not serving you.

I know you have a lot to do.

I know you are beating yourself up over not doing it.

I know you feel rotten.

But if you can just take a day or two off and relax, you will be in a much better position to stop procrastinating.

Stress just makes everything worse.

2. Triage

This part will not be fun.

But you have to take a very honest frank look at everything you planned or agreed to do and acknowledge what you cannot do and what you can.

You cannot do everything anyway; this is just being honest with yourself about what you are never going to be able to do.

If you are going to stop procrastinating, you will have to get through this stage and the next.

3. Release

Let us face it.

You know you are not going to do certain things.

The people you have promised them to know you are not going to do them.

And that is just creating tension and stress you do not need.

So now it is time to come clean and say, “I can’t do this.”

Yes, it will be hard.

No, it will not be fun.

But once you do it you can move on and stop procrastinating.

4. Reaffirm

Of course, there are things you are going to do and can do.

And you should confirm with the owners of those projects or the other people involved that you are going to do them.

This part of the process should feel really good.

5. Strategize

Create a plan that lets you do what you said you will do, in the best time you can but without putting too much pressure on yourself.

Then start following that plan.

Be careful to go at a pace that is fast enough to get things done but not too fast so that you get pulled back into procrastination.

The goal is to stop procrastinating, not create more.

Procrastination will eat your lunch if you let it.

But you do not have to let it.

You can stop procrastinating and get control of your life.

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